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Village Housing, Wiltshire

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A proposal for new rural housing commissioned by HAB (Happiness, Architecture, Beauty) for a brown-field site on the edge of a village in Wiltshire. The village owes its existence to the Kennet and Avon canal and the sawmill that was built on its banks in the 19th century. The sawmill is due to close and this new group of 23 houses will occupy its canal-side site.


The layout responds to the context and the proposed architecture employs patterned brickwork, crinkle-crankle walls and expressive chimneys and dormer windows to create character and distinctiveness. A new public park is located along the canal tow-path and the perimeter of the site is defined by brick walls that establish a clear settlement boundary to the village.


The houses are a mix of types that cater for a wide demographic including young families, down-sizing older couples and people working from home. In addition, there are commercial units and workshops to encourage local businesses and retain employment opportunities in the area.


The project was designed by Ordinary Architecture.

Charles Holland Architects

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