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CHA have been appointed to refurbish and re-model a prominent building in the centre of Dover as part of an ambitious high street regeneration project. The building - known as Dickens' Corner due to its association with the novel David Copperfield - was orginally built as a bakery in 1906. More recently it has been a bookshop and a cafe. This project will restore the original bakery function to the ground floor which will also provide locally-sourced food and offer cookery and bakery classes to the community.


The upper floors will be converted to residential use with a new circulation core and entrance door. The project is a pilot scheme that will offer an important model for regeneration of other key buildings on Dover's High Street. The exterior will be refurbished with additional windows, doors, awnings and a decorative scheme that will work with and extend the building's characteristic 'half-timbered' detailing.





Dickens' Corner

Charles Holland Architects

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