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CHA have been commissioned to extend and refurbish an early twentieth century modernist house in north London. The site is located close to Crouch Hill and is characterised by its elevated topography with extensive views towards central London.


The new elements open the house up to this dramatic setting. Exploiting the slope of the site, two new levels are added that allow the interior to step down the hill. The upper ground floor level contains a new living, dining room and kitchen while the lower level contains a pool and gym and changing rooms. Both levels open out onto generous terrace spaces.


These new levels are connected by a new staircase that flows through the spaces and out into the garden where it aligns with a flight of steps that drops down the slope.


Externally the garden is simplified from the previous multiple terraced layout to create more useable and enjoyable spaces and improve connections between inside and outside.  


Overall, the new elements are intended to provide a dramatic and contemporary terraced extension that maximises the drama of the site and its views. The compact and cubic nature of the original house is contrasted with the more expansive and horizontal character of the new volumes. The architectural language of the new elements draws on the expressive stepped-section of late modernist housing schemes in the area.






Broughton Gardens

Charles Holland Architects

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