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BH-SK-05 SKETCH small

The refurbishment of a typical wooden beach hut on the north Essex coast. The client is a playwright who wishes to spend significant amounts of time writing in the hut as well hanging out with friends at the seaside. Much of the focus of the design was on making a practical, comfortable interior that can transform from writer's retreat to family beach hut.


Benches containing storage can open out to become day beds, a writing desk on wheels unfolds into a dining table and there is a small kitchen area that can be closed off. Clean water is provided by a hand-pump tap attached to a tank below the kitchen work surface while grey water is drained into a second tank. There is a gas hob for cooking and lighting is provided by battery operated lamps.


The interior is lined with marine-grade plywood and CNC drilled so that mugs, saucepans, deck chairs and towels can be easily hung on pegs on the walls. A pale-blue painted top hung window allows generous views of the spectacular seafront. In contrast the rest of the exterior is painted black in the manner of traditional fishing huts.

Beach Hut

Charles Holland Architects

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