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CHA were among a small number of practices shortlisted to design a new pavilion for the Garden Museum. The brief called for a building that would form an entrance to the museum as well as a pavilion for Lambeth Green, a new green public space opposite Lambeth Bridge.

Our proposal answered both aspects of the brief, offering a small but distinctive landmark on the south bank of the Thames and a sheltered entrance to the green. It is both an urban gateway and a garden folly and incorporates accommodation for the museum’s gardening team.


Our design expresses this dual character giving the building a distinct front and back. The front is clad in stone using a mix of types and finishes to evoke the rich mix of historic buildings on the site. The rear offers a semi-circular awning held up by tree trunk columns. The awning itself offers a viewing deck planted to form an elevated garden. 

This proposal was developed in collaboration with Jeremy Rye Studio, Webb Yates Engineers, The Stonemasonry Company and The Stonecarving Company.

A Pavilion for Lambeth Green

Charles Holland Architects

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