Charles Holland Architects

Library, South London

The project involved the refurbishment and extension of an existing Edwardian Library in Croydon, South London. It developed from an initial feasibility study  looking at how the library could be modernised to achieve contemporary access requirements. The ground floor of the building included several difficult changes in level while the lower floor and rear garden remained inaccessible. In addition the building fabric was in poor condition and the original interior detailing lost under a number of insensitive additions and modifications.


Our redesign results in a completely new entrance sequence and 50% more usable floor area. The lower ground floor has been completely opened up to form a children's library and community meetings rooms which also provide access to the rear garden. At the front of the library a striking new reading room and entrance pavilion has been placed to one side of the original entrance. This new structure resolves the various access issues in a generously proportioned new entrance sequence and also provides an elegant new reading space inside.


The building fabric has been refurbished and upgraded both internally and externally. Original features have been retained within a new, spacious interior that emphasises the fine proportions of the original building. New bespoke shelves and furniture provides reading niches and seating alcoves as well as play spaces and meeting areas for young children and teenagers.


The pavilion is constructed from pale white pre-cast concrete with a highly polished surface which harmonises with the stone detailing of the original building. At the top of the pavilion is a metre high three dimensional 'frieze', a literal sign that proudly announces the building's civic function.


This project was designed by FAT Architecture

TH_Internal1_600 TH_Internal2_600 TH_Internal4_600 THInternal3_600 FAT-THL-0003_Thornton_Heath_Library_FAT_London_2010_Oblique_portrait_view_of_exterior_Library_letter_facade FAT-THL-0015_Thornton_Heath_Library_FAT_London_2010_Portrait_view_of_central_glass_dome_space