Charles Holland Architects

Cricket Pavilion

Cricket Pavilion/Holiday Cottage

This project combines two programmes: a village cricket pavilion that also doubles as a holiday cottage in winter. The building takes the form of a simple mono-pitched, timber-framed shed, painted black with cricket-ball red window-frames. The front elevation doubles as a giant score board supported by a row of columns that form a collonade and offer a protected spot from which to watch the game.


During the winter months the pavilion operates as a holiday cottage providing an additional source of revenue for the cricket club. Internally a mezzanine sleeping-platform behind the window serves as a third bedroom as well as providing a suitably lofty perch for the scorer to watch the game. It is clad inside in plywood, stained white like a pair of cricket trousers. Specially shaped alcoves are CNC-cut from the ply, forming display spaces for cups and trophies. The club’s regalia thus becomes an integral part of the decoration. More pragmatically, the bar becomes the kitchen, the changing rooms are repurposed as bedrooms and the lounge area becomes a comfortable sitting room with views across the pitch to the landscape beyond.


As well as recording the cricket scores, the big sign communicates the price of a pint of warm beer in summer or a cup of tea in winter.

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